Beachin' Beach

Hello mis amores!

On Sunday, we went to the beach. It was the perfect day. There was clouds and sometimes, the sun appeared for 30 mins. No, in San Diego, it never (I swear to God, Buddha and Allah) rains. Never never NEVER! That is why I like SD. Everyday, it's warm and sunny outside, every night, it's cold (but not too much) outside, so we sleep well. 
So, to go back to the beach, we had a wonderful day. I went (this time) in the water. COLD, but after 5 minutes, I was ok. There was a lot of waves. Danny and I have defied the waves, although, at some point, I thought I was going to die. 

I know I watched a movie this evening but I don't even remember the movie... snif. I swear, I must have watched 20 movies (at least). I going to count them and come back on this later. ;)

This week, at school, we have to do a quiz on internet (www.findyourspot.com). They ask you a bunch of questions and at the end, they give you the cities that fit with your preferences and your lifestyle in the US. No surprise, I got the main cities in the country (Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, San Diego, LA, Las Vegas (yes yes!) and I also got Honolulu). Then, in class, we have to present our city and say why we would live there. Guest what city I picked?
File:Disneyland plaque.jpg

I don't have class this friday. Why? Let me give you a hint: look at the picture . Can you guess? The answer, next post!


MJ, the ... I don't know.

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