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It's almost the end! Just 2 days left...
There's nothing to tell for the moment. I will right my last post tomorrow night, but before this tragic moment, I wanted to share with you the movies that I watched and the web videos that I discovered. 

I watched over 30 movies. I made a list of all the movies I watched, but I know that some of them are missing...
·      True Grit (first night in SD)
·      Edward Scissorhands (TIMMMM AND JOHNNYYYYY!)
·      MIIB (Not very good... unfortunately) 
·      Garfield (I liked it before... now it's not good...)
·      (500) Days of Summer (well, there's nothing to tell... it's my favorite movie!)
·      27 Dresses (5th time I watch it)
·      Bunny House (already saw it at Isa's birthday --> GYM)
·      Jaws (VERY GOOOOOD!)
·      Dodge ball (Funny, funny funnyyyyyy!)
·      The Graduate (If you like Dustin Hoffman and Simon & Garfunkel, watch this movie)
·      Beetlejuice (Tim :) )
·      Mars Attacks (If you like weird movie...)
·      Easy A (This is my favorite discovery. Really funny! I love Emma Stone!)
·      Harry Potter 7 (nothing to tell, it was good... but I still prefer the books!)
·      Hall Pass (Hilarious!)
·      Blades of Glory (Already saw it, but still funny)
·      Kung Fu Panda (...)
·      Click (Didn't remember the whole movie)
·      Hot Rod (One of the best stupid movie ever!)
·      Spiderman (...)
·      Spiderman 2 (...)
·      Night in the Museum (Saw the 1/4 before... really good movie!)
·      Step Brothers (Saw it before and it gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it)
·      Dumb and Dumber 
·      Ocean’s Eleven (I don't really like robbery movies, but really good... saw it before!)
·      Nacho Libre (Funny, but close to stupid. I really liked it!)
·      Charlie’s Angels (Cameron Diaz is not so much natural these days...)
·      A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (It freaked me out...)
·      Mask (Jim Carrey at is best)
·      Yes Man (Again, Jim Carrey at is best)
·      Home Alone ( :D )
·      Friends With Benefits (A really good movie! IT'S NOT A CHICK FLICK! Well, a little bit...) 
·      Indiana Jones (INDI!)
·      The Parent Trap (Well well well... Lindsay Lohan when she was young and innocent)  
·      Rango (Reaallyyy good.)
·      Juno (love the soundtrack!)
·      Liar liar (Ah, Jim, Jim, Jim... yes, he's canadian!)

Favorite Web Videos
1. Emma Stone is hilarious! Easy A Movie Clip
2. Sketch from SNL w/ Justin Timberlake. <3 Liquorville
3. No, it's not SunriseI can't go for that
4. For my mom. Moves Like Jagger
5. No comment, it's just hilarious. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
6. Not a discovery, but you should see that. Team iLuminate
7. Haha. Field of Dreams 2
8. Haha (again). Higher Power

That's all folks!


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