Friends With Benefits (and in front of the Stater Bros)

Hey guys!

I went to see Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. OMG, it was SO good! After this movie, we can say that Justin CAN act. Really funny! You should go see it. 

After the movie, I went to a little place called "Daphne's". I ordered a greek pizza. Miam, it was good good gooooood!

The funny part is coming right now. I was walking to In the Mix, and there was a guy (around 19-20) in front of the Stater Bros (supermarket) who must work for a foundation (church, praying or for children, I DON'T KNOW!) and he said to me: "Hi, how are you?
-Heeeumm... fine you?
-I'm good. Do you go to church?
-(weird look) No...
- Why not?
- Heuum, pppfff... heeuum, I just don't have time."

Then, he said something that I didn't hear and I just said: "Sorry, I'm not interested.
- Oh no, I don't want to ask you questions, I just want to talk to you.
- ?
- Yeah, tell me a little bit about yourself.
- Well... heum, (should I continue to talk or just walk away? He just seems like to be a nice guy...) I'm from Canada.
- Yeah, I'm actually learning english here.
- Ok... and you speaaaaak....?
- French. 
- Really I speak spanish! I'm part porto-rican! 
- Ah...
- So, how old are you? 20?
- 17 (what? 20? whoooowe!)
- Really?! 
- Yeah...
- And what's your name? 
- MJ."
And then, the blablabla on my name started. When people hear my name, they always think that my name is Mary-Jane.
-" MJ, just... MJ? Like, Mary-Jane?
- No, actually, it's Marie-Joëlle, but nobody can pronounce it here so... it's MJ.
- Ok MJ, I have a question: can I pray for you?
- (?) Heum... if you want to.
He started to say a long prayer for me. When he was finished, I asked him if I could give the foundation something. He said to me that I didn't have to, but I gave the foundation 1$. Then, he said: "Thanks. You are really 17? You are really beautiful.
- Hm hm hm... thank you... bye."

Can you believe it? Someone hit on me... ME! Well, I wasn't expected to be a guy who works for a foundation, but... you know... 
(He was cute, but not handsome.)

This was my night in Poway!


MJ, the "I can believe it" girl.

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  1. Mariiiie!
    Parlant films, j'ai regardé Manhattan en pensant à toi <3
    Enjoy bien le reste de ton été :)

    Love xoxo