The Tilt Kilt and the Padres


Went to see the Padres! It was SO COOOOL (even though they lost...). Reminded me the Expo's games! I had a great evening. It was fun. I took a bunch of pictures and videos. I bought myself a t-shirt and a cap :). Ate ice cream and before the game, we went to this place called The Tilt Kilt, and this is NOT like a Chuck E. Cheese ladies and gentlemen (especially gentlemen). Imagine girls, with kilts, now imagine their kilts waaaay above their knees... and you can also see their tummy...got the picture?  Well, meet my waitress. Tall, blond, with big... heum heum... and tadam! As a girl, I just find it funny to look at the boys when the waitress leave their table. (Look at that hot piece of...) And also, for the girls, there was boys (few...) and they also wear a kilt. Lydia wanted to take a picture of me and one of the boys. NO WAY. 

This post was short, but I hope you're happy to know that I'm having a great time here!


MJ, the Padres newest fan.

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