It's A Small World After All.

Hello my elves and fairies!

I just had the most wonderful days of my life. Disney is just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! We had so much fun and I felt young again (pf, I'm only 17 and 5/6). Let me tell you about my 2 days:

Last time I wrote on my blog, I was telling you about Downtown Disney. This place is magical! There's a lot of shops and restaurant, music and a LOT of people. I bought gifts and we ate at ESPN Zone. Back to the Hotel at 12:45.

Disneyland and California Adventure

Wake-up time: 6:40 AM. Breakfast and preparation for the big day. In Disneyland at 9:30. When we entered the park, I was SO excited! I just learned that with our ticket, we have flash-passes for the rides: yes yes yes, because there is a lot of waiting in line.
After walking a little bit, we went to Star Tours. 65 mins of waiting! We decided to get a flash-pass. We were only able to go to the attraction between 6:20 PM and 7:20 PM! 
First stop: Indiana Jones Adventure. The waiting line was 30 mins long, but you get closer and closer to the ride every 1 min, so, it's not long. The attraction take place in a jeep, and let me tell you that the ride is rock'n'roll. I had a great time! 
Second stop: Pirates of the Carribean. You are in a boat, and there are figures who talks and it's really realistic.
Third stop: Haunted Mansion. Not scary at all (far from LaRonde's Haunted House), but really fun.
Forth stop: Big Thunder Railroad. Long and painful (for my back) roller coaster. 
Fifth stop: Lunch.
Sixth stop: Autopia. You drive your own car. Good practice (not). I also got my Autopia driver's license! 
We got flash-passes for Space Mountain because there was a line of 60 mins.
Seventh stop: DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE! Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you that with our tickets, we were able to go to Disneyland, but also Disney California Adventure that was JUST in front of Disneyland. 
Eighth stop: The Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror. Oh... My... God... the best ride EVER! I never had so much fun in an elevator! 
Ninth stop: California Screamin'. A HUGE roller coaster. Really really cool.
Tenth stop: Goofy's Sky School. Same as Toboggan Nordique, but cooler track.
Eleventh stop: Soarin' Over California. It's a big IMAX screen with moving seats (your feet don't touch the ground). Wow. 
Went back to Disneyland.
Twelfth stop: Space Mountain. A ride in the dark with a million twinkle stars. 
Thirteenth stop: Space Shop, where I found a t-shirt (no, I didn't buy it) with Darth Vader saying: Who's Your Daddy (haha). 
Fourteenth stop: STARTOURS. You are in a spaceship with R2D2 and C3PO. Really funny and fun.
Fifteenth stop: Toontown, with Mickey's House and etc. It's a really cool place and there is a lot to see. 
Last stop: Splash Mountain. This is the second funnest attraction we did. Wait 'till you see the picture...!
NOOOO, it's the end of the daaaayyyy! We watched the fireworks (best fireworks EVER) and exited the park. We were in Disneyland for 13 hours. We were so exhausted, my heals were killing me, and I was FAMISHED. I finally ate at 11:45 PM. YES! I ate my diner at 11:45! I thought I was going to throw up, because if I wait too long before eating when I'm hungry, watch out. 

This morning, I can't walk on my left foot, too painful. And "today I don't feel like doing anything. Toutoloutoutoulou, I just wanna lay in my bed. Toutouloutoutoulou. Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything. Nothing at all." 


MJ Jones.

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  1. Ca a l'air juste troooooop chouette comme parc! En tout cas, tu as l'air de t'être bien amusée! Bisoux parisiens qui deviendront montréalais demain! xoxo