The Last One

"  Name: Marie-Joëlle "MJ" Cromp
       Age: 17 and 2/3 years old
       Country: Montreal, Canada, best country ever! (not)
       Profession: Ex-Gymnast

Hey guys! :)
Snif, it's already finished. I can't believe that it's been (only) 6 weeks! I will really, really, REALLY miss you! I will miss Danny's stupid questions, my BFF Joey, Vinnie's music, teasing Luisa, not touching Danny, In the Mix, the fantastic weather you have during summer, Joey singing "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, and so on.
What did I like? I really like hanging out with you guys. You are one of the most... no... THE MOST WONDERFUL family in the whole world! You are really lucky to have a family like this, because the are fewer and fewer families like yours. This trip is the greatest trip I've ever took my whole life, and that, is because of your family. I can't believe I have to go! I promise I will come back to see you... when I'll have the money! (Guess who's coming for diner!) (Oh! I loved "Shark Week"!!!)
Mmmmmh... I also liked the fact that there was always popcorn :) . And thanks for the Lucky Charms (HALLELUIA!). I liked Anthony's diners! Miam, delicious! I liked the beach, the movies (again: HALLELUIA!), when Danny was wrestling Lydia, etc, etc, etc! There's so much to tell! Oh! Oh! I liked to fight with Joey and I enjoyed punching him in the face (sorry!).What I didn't like? Donuts (may they rot in hell!!!), Joey's buttface, sunburns... and that's it I think...
Hey Danny, I will send you a lot of Canadian Bacon, ok? Vinnie! Make me a list of music so I can discover new music groups... please!
I really liked going to Disneyland and doing the Tower of Terror with Joey and Luisa (best ride ever!). This was "Awesome"!
So, Luisa, it's your turn! I hope you will enjoy the rest of your stay in SD. I will miss you so much! I will miss the moments when you're late, your "Jesus Christ!", when we laugh for nothing, and so on. I wish you success in your studies and I know you will be a great doctor... just don't be late to your patients appointment. Just... a little "abvice" to you...! Hope you will not be too alone in our room...
Love you so much mi amiga! <3 Good luck with Joey!
Lydia, I hope the storm can come out more quickly next time I come to see you!
Hey Joey, don't forget the name "The Lonely Island". :)
Come to visit me in New York in 15 years!

xoxo                          Love you all! (except Joey)
MJ                             Je vous aime beaucoup!

Note to the next student using my (wonderful) bed:
You are really lucky to be here. This family is the best family ever. Take good care of Joey... and Lydia ;). Don't touch Danny by the way. Be prepared... they're going to find something funny about you and tease you... you'll love it!

P.S.: 1. Joey always "win" when we fight, even when I punched him hard in the face.
        2. Danny, don't be too hard on Luisa.
        3. Vinnie, I hope to see one of your movie in theater soon! :)
        4. If one day you decide to come to Montreal, you know where to go, right?
Oh, and one (I think) last thing:

Come oooonnnn!                                                           "

-Letter to my family.


MJ, the Californian 

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