Did you guess?

Hi my princes and princesses!

Did you guess? YES! I'm going to Disneyland! The place where nobody's too old to go!
I don't really remember a lot from my last visit in Disney, but I do remember the Tower of Terror, and NOW, I'm going to do it (Gab: May the force be with me). But the first ride we're going to go is this Star Wars ride, because if you want to do it hours after the park is open, you'll have to wait 75 mins. Nah, not gonna happen! So that's why it's gonna be our first ride. I'm glad I'm going to be with the DeMaria family and Luisa. I really like them and we have so much fun together! It's a shame that there's only one week left, because I would stay here 2000 years, but I have to go back home someday (this day came too soon). Also, I would like to say to Drou to enjoy her last days in Europe.
A picture of my family, Luisa and I will come soon. I want to take one in Disney. 

See you sooooooon!


MJ, the pirate.

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