The Last One

"  Name: Marie-Joëlle "MJ" Cromp
       Age: 17 and 2/3 years old
       Country: Montreal, Canada, best country ever! (not)
       Profession: Ex-Gymnast

Hey guys! :)
Snif, it's already finished. I can't believe that it's been (only) 6 weeks! I will really, really, REALLY miss you! I will miss Danny's stupid questions, my BFF Joey, Vinnie's music, teasing Luisa, not touching Danny, In the Mix, the fantastic weather you have during summer, Joey singing "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, and so on.
What did I like? I really like hanging out with you guys. You are one of the most... no... THE MOST WONDERFUL family in the whole world! You are really lucky to have a family like this, because the are fewer and fewer families like yours. This trip is the greatest trip I've ever took my whole life, and that, is because of your family. I can't believe I have to go! I promise I will come back to see you... when I'll have the money! (Guess who's coming for diner!) (Oh! I loved "Shark Week"!!!)
Mmmmmh... I also liked the fact that there was always popcorn :) . And thanks for the Lucky Charms (HALLELUIA!). I liked Anthony's diners! Miam, delicious! I liked the beach, the movies (again: HALLELUIA!), when Danny was wrestling Lydia, etc, etc, etc! There's so much to tell! Oh! Oh! I liked to fight with Joey and I enjoyed punching him in the face (sorry!).What I didn't like? Donuts (may they rot in hell!!!), Joey's buttface, sunburns... and that's it I think...
Hey Danny, I will send you a lot of Canadian Bacon, ok? Vinnie! Make me a list of music so I can discover new music groups... please!
I really liked going to Disneyland and doing the Tower of Terror with Joey and Luisa (best ride ever!). This was "Awesome"!
So, Luisa, it's your turn! I hope you will enjoy the rest of your stay in SD. I will miss you so much! I will miss the moments when you're late, your "Jesus Christ!", when we laugh for nothing, and so on. I wish you success in your studies and I know you will be a great doctor... just don't be late to your patients appointment. Just... a little "abvice" to you...! Hope you will not be too alone in our room...
Love you so much mi amiga! <3 Good luck with Joey!
Lydia, I hope the storm can come out more quickly next time I come to see you!
Hey Joey, don't forget the name "The Lonely Island". :)
Come to visit me in New York in 15 years!

xoxo                          Love you all! (except Joey)
MJ                             Je vous aime beaucoup!

Note to the next student using my (wonderful) bed:
You are really lucky to be here. This family is the best family ever. Take good care of Joey... and Lydia ;). Don't touch Danny by the way. Be prepared... they're going to find something funny about you and tease you... you'll love it!

P.S.: 1. Joey always "win" when we fight, even when I punched him hard in the face.
        2. Danny, don't be too hard on Luisa.
        3. Vinnie, I hope to see one of your movie in theater soon! :)
        4. If one day you decide to come to Montreal, you know where to go, right?
Oh, and one (I think) last thing:

Come oooonnnn!                                                           "

-Letter to my family.


MJ, the Californian 


Movies and internet

It's almost the end! Just 2 days left...
There's nothing to tell for the moment. I will right my last post tomorrow night, but before this tragic moment, I wanted to share with you the movies that I watched and the web videos that I discovered. 

I watched over 30 movies. I made a list of all the movies I watched, but I know that some of them are missing...
·      True Grit (first night in SD)
·      Edward Scissorhands (TIMMMM AND JOHNNYYYYY!)
·      MIIB (Not very good... unfortunately) 
·      Garfield (I liked it before... now it's not good...)
·      (500) Days of Summer (well, there's nothing to tell... it's my favorite movie!)
·      27 Dresses (5th time I watch it)
·      Bunny House (already saw it at Isa's birthday --> GYM)
·      Jaws (VERY GOOOOOD!)
·      Dodge ball (Funny, funny funnyyyyyy!)
·      The Graduate (If you like Dustin Hoffman and Simon & Garfunkel, watch this movie)
·      Beetlejuice (Tim :) )
·      Mars Attacks (If you like weird movie...)
·      Easy A (This is my favorite discovery. Really funny! I love Emma Stone!)
·      Harry Potter 7 (nothing to tell, it was good... but I still prefer the books!)
·      Hall Pass (Hilarious!)
·      Blades of Glory (Already saw it, but still funny)
·      Kung Fu Panda (...)
·      Click (Didn't remember the whole movie)
·      Hot Rod (One of the best stupid movie ever!)
·      Spiderman (...)
·      Spiderman 2 (...)
·      Night in the Museum (Saw the 1/4 before... really good movie!)
·      Step Brothers (Saw it before and it gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it)
·      Dumb and Dumber 
·      Ocean’s Eleven (I don't really like robbery movies, but really good... saw it before!)
·      Nacho Libre (Funny, but close to stupid. I really liked it!)
·      Charlie’s Angels (Cameron Diaz is not so much natural these days...)
·      A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (It freaked me out...)
·      Mask (Jim Carrey at is best)
·      Yes Man (Again, Jim Carrey at is best)
·      Home Alone ( :D )
·      Friends With Benefits (A really good movie! IT'S NOT A CHICK FLICK! Well, a little bit...) 
·      Indiana Jones (INDI!)
·      The Parent Trap (Well well well... Lindsay Lohan when she was young and innocent)  
·      Rango (Reaallyyy good.)
·      Juno (love the soundtrack!)
·      Liar liar (Ah, Jim, Jim, Jim... yes, he's canadian!)

Favorite Web Videos
1. Emma Stone is hilarious! Easy A Movie Clip
2. Sketch from SNL w/ Justin Timberlake. <3 Liquorville
3. No, it's not SunriseI can't go for that
4. For my mom. Moves Like Jagger
5. No comment, it's just hilarious. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
6. Not a discovery, but you should see that. Team iLuminate
7. Haha. Field of Dreams 2
8. Haha (again). Higher Power

That's all folks!


MJ, the blogger


It's A Small World After All.

Hello my elves and fairies!

I just had the most wonderful days of my life. Disney is just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! We had so much fun and I felt young again (pf, I'm only 17 and 5/6). Let me tell you about my 2 days:

Last time I wrote on my blog, I was telling you about Downtown Disney. This place is magical! There's a lot of shops and restaurant, music and a LOT of people. I bought gifts and we ate at ESPN Zone. Back to the Hotel at 12:45.

Disneyland and California Adventure

Wake-up time: 6:40 AM. Breakfast and preparation for the big day. In Disneyland at 9:30. When we entered the park, I was SO excited! I just learned that with our ticket, we have flash-passes for the rides: yes yes yes, because there is a lot of waiting in line.
After walking a little bit, we went to Star Tours. 65 mins of waiting! We decided to get a flash-pass. We were only able to go to the attraction between 6:20 PM and 7:20 PM! 
First stop: Indiana Jones Adventure. The waiting line was 30 mins long, but you get closer and closer to the ride every 1 min, so, it's not long. The attraction take place in a jeep, and let me tell you that the ride is rock'n'roll. I had a great time! 
Second stop: Pirates of the Carribean. You are in a boat, and there are figures who talks and it's really realistic.
Third stop: Haunted Mansion. Not scary at all (far from LaRonde's Haunted House), but really fun.
Forth stop: Big Thunder Railroad. Long and painful (for my back) roller coaster. 
Fifth stop: Lunch.
Sixth stop: Autopia. You drive your own car. Good practice (not). I also got my Autopia driver's license! 
We got flash-passes for Space Mountain because there was a line of 60 mins.
Seventh stop: DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE! Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you that with our tickets, we were able to go to Disneyland, but also Disney California Adventure that was JUST in front of Disneyland. 
Eighth stop: The Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror. Oh... My... God... the best ride EVER! I never had so much fun in an elevator! 
Ninth stop: California Screamin'. A HUGE roller coaster. Really really cool.
Tenth stop: Goofy's Sky School. Same as Toboggan Nordique, but cooler track.
Eleventh stop: Soarin' Over California. It's a big IMAX screen with moving seats (your feet don't touch the ground). Wow. 
Went back to Disneyland.
Twelfth stop: Space Mountain. A ride in the dark with a million twinkle stars. 
Thirteenth stop: Space Shop, where I found a t-shirt (no, I didn't buy it) with Darth Vader saying: Who's Your Daddy (haha). 
Fourteenth stop: STARTOURS. You are in a spaceship with R2D2 and C3PO. Really funny and fun.
Fifteenth stop: Toontown, with Mickey's House and etc. It's a really cool place and there is a lot to see. 
Last stop: Splash Mountain. This is the second funnest attraction we did. Wait 'till you see the picture...!
NOOOO, it's the end of the daaaayyyy! We watched the fireworks (best fireworks EVER) and exited the park. We were in Disneyland for 13 hours. We were so exhausted, my heals were killing me, and I was FAMISHED. I finally ate at 11:45 PM. YES! I ate my diner at 11:45! I thought I was going to throw up, because if I wait too long before eating when I'm hungry, watch out. 

This morning, I can't walk on my left foot, too painful. And "today I don't feel like doing anything. Toutoloutoutoulou, I just wanna lay in my bed. Toutouloutoutoulou. Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything. Nothing at all." 


MJ Jones.


Hotel California

Hey guys!

Just a quick update on what happened last night and today (friday).
Yesterday, Joey and I fought a LOT. We kick, punch, tickle, and last night, oh! I was hitting Joey's shoulder and he turned to me... and BAM! I punch him in the face... literally. OHoh...
But we started to laugh and now, I threaten him if he's mean to me.

NOW, today, we left home at 7:30, stopped at the Starbuck and the Bank, and we were on our way to pick up Vinnie from his Art Camp in Valencia. After a call from my mom on Lydia's phone (!), Anthony put his iPod and we listened to his music. Later, Anthony put Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I was so excited. But suddenly, I started crying.

We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

I was thinking about you guys. I wish you were with me. I started to think about a lot of things like Camine and here trip, CEGEP, Verine, Boisbriand, Mom, Dad, Drou, Florine etc, and I thought: what are they doing at this very moment! I love you.

Soooooooo... We were early (to pick up Vinnie), so, we ended up in a Wal-Mart. I bought 2 things... but I'm not gonna tell you what it is (surprise for my family: MOM! Don't say anything!) We picked up V. and Joey decided that it was time to reveal my super-secret: The Lonely Island. Yey.

Finally, here... we... are! In Anaheim, the hometown of the (Mighty) Ducks and also... Mickey Mouse! Our hotel is lovely! We are staying at the Hampton: Inn & Suites. Really beautiful. Free Wi-Fi (but I don't have my laptop), view on the pool, and a reaalllyyy... comfortable... bed. :)
We're leaving the hotel around 19:30 to take a shuttle that will take us to Downtown Disney, where there is a lot of shops, restaurant, and games.

I love you all!


MJ a.k.a Minnie.


Did you guess?

Hi my princes and princesses!

Did you guess? YES! I'm going to Disneyland! The place where nobody's too old to go!
I don't really remember a lot from my last visit in Disney, but I do remember the Tower of Terror, and NOW, I'm going to do it (Gab: May the force be with me). But the first ride we're going to go is this Star Wars ride, because if you want to do it hours after the park is open, you'll have to wait 75 mins. Nah, not gonna happen! So that's why it's gonna be our first ride. I'm glad I'm going to be with the DeMaria family and Luisa. I really like them and we have so much fun together! It's a shame that there's only one week left, because I would stay here 2000 years, but I have to go back home someday (this day came too soon). Also, I would like to say to Drou to enjoy her last days in Europe.
A picture of my family, Luisa and I will come soon. I want to take one in Disney. 

See you sooooooon!


MJ, the pirate.


Beachin' Beach

Hello mis amores!

On Sunday, we went to the beach. It was the perfect day. There was clouds and sometimes, the sun appeared for 30 mins. No, in San Diego, it never (I swear to God, Buddha and Allah) rains. Never never NEVER! That is why I like SD. Everyday, it's warm and sunny outside, every night, it's cold (but not too much) outside, so we sleep well. 
So, to go back to the beach, we had a wonderful day. I went (this time) in the water. COLD, but after 5 minutes, I was ok. There was a lot of waves. Danny and I have defied the waves, although, at some point, I thought I was going to die. 

I know I watched a movie this evening but I don't even remember the movie... snif. I swear, I must have watched 20 movies (at least). I going to count them and come back on this later. ;)

This week, at school, we have to do a quiz on internet (www.findyourspot.com). They ask you a bunch of questions and at the end, they give you the cities that fit with your preferences and your lifestyle in the US. No surprise, I got the main cities in the country (Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, San Diego, LA, Las Vegas (yes yes!) and I also got Honolulu). Then, in class, we have to present our city and say why we would live there. Guest what city I picked?
File:Disneyland plaque.jpg

I don't have class this friday. Why? Let me give you a hint: look at the picture . Can you guess? The answer, next post!


MJ, the ... I don't know.


The Tilt Kilt and the Padres


Went to see the Padres! It was SO COOOOL (even though they lost...). Reminded me the Expo's games! I had a great evening. It was fun. I took a bunch of pictures and videos. I bought myself a t-shirt and a cap :). Ate ice cream and before the game, we went to this place called The Tilt Kilt, and this is NOT like a Chuck E. Cheese ladies and gentlemen (especially gentlemen). Imagine girls, with kilts, now imagine their kilts waaaay above their knees... and you can also see their tummy...got the picture?  Well, meet my waitress. Tall, blond, with big... heum heum... and tadam! As a girl, I just find it funny to look at the boys when the waitress leave their table. (Look at that hot piece of...) And also, for the girls, there was boys (few...) and they also wear a kilt. Lydia wanted to take a picture of me and one of the boys. NO WAY. 

This post was short, but I hope you're happy to know that I'm having a great time here!


MJ, the Padres newest fan.

Friends With Benefits (and in front of the Stater Bros)

Hey guys!

I went to see Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. OMG, it was SO good! After this movie, we can say that Justin CAN act. Really funny! You should go see it. 

After the movie, I went to a little place called "Daphne's". I ordered a greek pizza. Miam, it was good good gooooood!

The funny part is coming right now. I was walking to In the Mix, and there was a guy (around 19-20) in front of the Stater Bros (supermarket) who must work for a foundation (church, praying or for children, I DON'T KNOW!) and he said to me: "Hi, how are you?
-Heeeumm... fine you?
-I'm good. Do you go to church?
-(weird look) No...
- Why not?
- Heuum, pppfff... heeuum, I just don't have time."

Then, he said something that I didn't hear and I just said: "Sorry, I'm not interested.
- Oh no, I don't want to ask you questions, I just want to talk to you.
- ?
- Yeah, tell me a little bit about yourself.
- Well... heum, (should I continue to talk or just walk away? He just seems like to be a nice guy...) I'm from Canada.
- Yeah, I'm actually learning english here.
- Ok... and you speaaaaak....?
- French. 
- Really I speak spanish! I'm part porto-rican! 
- Ah...
- So, how old are you? 20?
- 17 (what? 20? whoooowe!)
- Really?! 
- Yeah...
- And what's your name? 
- MJ."
And then, the blablabla on my name started. When people hear my name, they always think that my name is Mary-Jane.
-" MJ, just... MJ? Like, Mary-Jane?
- No, actually, it's Marie-Joëlle, but nobody can pronounce it here so... it's MJ.
- Ok MJ, I have a question: can I pray for you?
- (?) Heum... if you want to.
He started to say a long prayer for me. When he was finished, I asked him if I could give the foundation something. He said to me that I didn't have to, but I gave the foundation 1$. Then, he said: "Thanks. You are really 17? You are really beautiful.
- Hm hm hm... thank you... bye."

Can you believe it? Someone hit on me... ME! Well, I wasn't expected to be a guy who works for a foundation, but... you know... 
(He was cute, but not handsome.)

This was my night in Poway!


MJ, the "I can believe it" girl.


Every day that I start at 12:55

Hey my owls! (Hreeeeiiiiiiibooooooou)

Today, I'm (as always) in the Student Café on EF Campus. Every day that I start at 12:55, I come here, doing things on my computer (AA's computer, sorry). But funny thing, I never buy at the Student Café. I decided today that as I always come here, I will buy something for a change. A "danoise au citron" and a Vitamin Water (miam). Today, I'm doing my schedules for CEGEP. 


I watched Nacho Libre with Jack Black. Very funny and it was really good. (Hey, as Androu's doing food critic all the time, am I doing film critic?) 

Nothing to report... I'm going to try to go to San Diego Zoo tomorrow. 


MJ, the healthy wrestler  


Just to talk

I just want to tell you what's going on in my head for the moment:

1. I think a lot about Norway and the crazy nazi guy. In US, there isn't a lot of news and I heard it at school. This is terrible and I hope this guy rot in hell. 
2. One of my favorite singer is dead on july 23. She had something that no one had and she introduced jazz to our generation. Although she had a hard public life, her songs will stay forever. RIP Amy Winehouse 
3. American food is sometimes really tempting. Gosh.
4. Today, we talk about famous buildings in our own country. I told the class that there was the CN Tower, but I hate Toronto, so I said that the most famous in Quebec must be the Château Frontenac. Then, we talked about "classics", and I was the only one with the right definition of a "classic" (thank you to my enriched english class). We talked about classic music, theater, books, movies, and tv shows. I was good at this. 
Classic music: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson
Classic books: Jules Verne's books, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (THANK YOU REGINA)
Classic theater: William Shakespeare's plays.  
Classic movies: Gone with the Wind, E.T., etc
Classic Tv Shows (I was good at this one, all my class was giving recent shows): Three's Compagny, The Twilight Zone, FRIENDS. 
5. Watched Battle: Los Angeles, it was good, but very dark.
6. My hair's bugging me.
7. Tomorrow I'm riding the bike home. 
8. I have to go to San Diego Zoo, but when?
9. I'm thinking about buying a new dress...
10. I should go downtown SD... once.
11. Mom, Dad, can you send me video of me doing gym to show my family?
12. I'm tired.
13. Zzzzzz...
14. Go see my older posts... I had a couple of photos!

Goodnight my beeeezzzzzzzzzzz...


MJ the dreamer...you know you are a dreamer.