Every day that I start at 12:55

Hey my owls! (Hreeeeiiiiiiibooooooou)

Today, I'm (as always) in the Student Café on EF Campus. Every day that I start at 12:55, I come here, doing things on my computer (AA's computer, sorry). But funny thing, I never buy at the Student Café. I decided today that as I always come here, I will buy something for a change. A "danoise au citron" and a Vitamin Water (miam). Today, I'm doing my schedules for CEGEP. 


I watched Nacho Libre with Jack Black. Very funny and it was really good. (Hey, as Androu's doing food critic all the time, am I doing film critic?) 

Nothing to report... I'm going to try to go to San Diego Zoo tomorrow. 


MJ, the healthy wrestler  

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