Just to talk

I just want to tell you what's going on in my head for the moment:

1. I think a lot about Norway and the crazy nazi guy. In US, there isn't a lot of news and I heard it at school. This is terrible and I hope this guy rot in hell. 
2. One of my favorite singer is dead on july 23. She had something that no one had and she introduced jazz to our generation. Although she had a hard public life, her songs will stay forever. RIP Amy Winehouse 
3. American food is sometimes really tempting. Gosh.
4. Today, we talk about famous buildings in our own country. I told the class that there was the CN Tower, but I hate Toronto, so I said that the most famous in Quebec must be the Château Frontenac. Then, we talked about "classics", and I was the only one with the right definition of a "classic" (thank you to my enriched english class). We talked about classic music, theater, books, movies, and tv shows. I was good at this. 
Classic music: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson
Classic books: Jules Verne's books, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (THANK YOU REGINA)
Classic theater: William Shakespeare's plays.  
Classic movies: Gone with the Wind, E.T., etc
Classic Tv Shows (I was good at this one, all my class was giving recent shows): Three's Compagny, The Twilight Zone, FRIENDS. 
5. Watched Battle: Los Angeles, it was good, but very dark.
6. My hair's bugging me.
7. Tomorrow I'm riding the bike home. 
8. I have to go to San Diego Zoo, but when?
9. I'm thinking about buying a new dress...
10. I should go downtown SD... once.
11. Mom, Dad, can you send me video of me doing gym to show my family?
12. I'm tired.
13. Zzzzzz...
14. Go see my older posts... I had a couple of photos!

Goodnight my beeeezzzzzzzzzzz...


MJ the dreamer...you know you are a dreamer. 

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