4th of july

From now on, I will write in English. Yes, I will. Yes yes yes yes yes I will!

4th of July.
My family and I had a BBQ with Luisa and 2 of her friends, that I can't say their names because... I don't know their names! I just know that they are from Colombia and one of them was... 33. 
I played in the pool with Vinnie, Danny and Joey. It was really fun! We had balloons and we filled them with water. It was cool 8-) .
We ate hamburgers and hot-dogs, and after, we went to see the fireworks. We didn't see much. We just took a spot in a church parking lot and trees were in the way. Not cool. But we could see them anyway. We were on the top of the truck. :)

After, when we came home, we watched Family Guy... haha. This show doesn't make any sense. It's so funny. We have can watch it in Canada, but I never watched it. 

That's it for the 4th of July. 

Now, go to sleep. It's 2 in the morning for you!


MJ the English writer

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