The End of my Break

Hey guys! Sorry to have make you wait for another post! I took a little break, because a lot of things happened and I didn't feel like writing.


Sunday, we went to the beach, not any kind of beach, a beach where there's rock, crabs, not a lot of sand, and... sea lion (though we didn't see one...). It was really beautiful. 
Also, I changed level at school. I'm an Advanced 1 now!


I start week 3. Nothing important to report... I think... if something came up, I will tell you!


This day was CRAZY! Because monday, we had last week schedule and tuesday, we began the new schedule. Let me explain...

Every sunday, we have to check our schedule online to see if it changed. I have the same schedule, but not the same room number and not the same teacher. Tuesday, I went to my class, and the teacher didn't have my name on their list. I went to another classroom, and they didn't have my name either. So, I went back to the first classroom and stayed there. When I came back from school, I went to see my schedule and SURPRISE! I was in the wrong class, AND they changed my schedule on monday! I only went to see it sunday! 
A good thing with my new schedule is that my new teacher is my grammar teacher. Yes!

Evening: we went to this place called Brigantine's. It was GOOD! I ate a taco with chicken buffalo. Miam miam miam! Horray for the american food! After, Luisa and I bought frozen yogurt for the family at a place called "In the Mix". You choose the frozen yugort flavor, then you can put candies, cereal, syrup, etc etc etc on you yogurt, and there you go! It was SOOOOOOO good!


Nothing to report. I bought my classic sandwich Steak & Cheese, footlong italian bread, swiss cheese, banana peppers, olives, lettuce, onions, Sudwest sauce at Subway (eat fresh). I bought a frozen yogurt for Danny because he wasn't there with us yesterday, and when I came home, I said: "I got something for you!". He got scared because he thought I brought a spider home (he's afraid of spider). Then, we said (Joey and I) that it wasn't a spider, it was frozen yogurt he said: "I don't like frozen yogurt". A little later, he wasn't home, so I ate it. When he came back, he said: "Mmmh, I feel like eating frozen yogurt!" Then, I told him that I ate it. He was so mad! Haha. 
I watched Charlie's Angels (didn't ou notice that Matt Leblanc plays in this movie?!) because I could remember a THING of this movie! In the evening, we watched Dumb and Dummer. :)

The Movie of the Week

Hot Rod, with Andy Samberg. Hilarious! (Mom, it's stupid, don't watch it)


This weekend, I'm going to........................ SAN FRANCISCO!! 11 hours on the bus, alone. In my room, we'll be 2. I'm matched with someone alone. My new friend...!



MJ, the stuntwoman.

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