Padres VS Rockies


Yesterday, for diner, we went to In n' Out, a fast food restaurant. It was GOOD. I was famished. Joey and Danny were teasing Luisa, and when she said: "Why don't you tease MJ?", Danny said: "Because we have respect for her". I laugh. :)

Also, I decided that I'm going to the San Francisco trip with EF. Before, I didn't know if I wanted to go, because I have no friends. However, Luisa is going to introduce me one of her friend who's going too. All I know is that she's from Spain. 

The Title

Yes yes yes, my family, Luisa and I are going to see the Padres of San Diego VS The Rockies of Colorado! :) I decided to go with them, because I want to feel again what it was like to go see the Expos (RIP). 

Sorry, I have to go... my Michelina's is ready. (Ahhh... the good old days)


MJ the frozen spaghetti 


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