Things I forgot and update on SF trip

I forgot to tell you some things in my last post and I am going to do quick update on the rest of my San Francisco trip.

Things that I forgot

After the Café Bastille, I wanted to go to the SFMoMA, but it was closed. Then I wanted to go to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, but it was closed too... so that's why I decided to go back to my room. 


The ride back home was fine. We stopped at Santa Barbara for 45 mins but it wasn't enough. This city is SO beautiful! If you want to go to the beach and relax, go shopping and eat in small restaurants, go to Santa Barbara. I got home at 12h30 am. I was SO tired. 


Today, at school, we had to describe a house (dream house, own house, host family house, whatever) and we get into groups. We try then to sale our house. After, we decided who has the best house. I described my house in Montreal... and I won in my group. :)
I talked about the flowers and the way the sun illuminates the living room in the evening. <3 
Next step: we will be against the other team. The group that wins, win a homework pass. 
Oh, and Joey and Danny are amazed because I can lick my elbow...

That's all for todaaaay!

How do I past time?

I started to play a game on my computer that I feel ashamed to play again. Long live Zelda and the Ocarina of Time! (Message to Gabe: I almost finished the game! Do you remember, there was this bug in the Temple of Water with the hookshot. I found a way! You don't care? Ok, I just thought you should know...)

Aurevoir my little stud. (Because YOU will be the teachèr and I will be the stud.)


MJ <3 SF

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