It's beach season, beach season & Avada Kedavra

Hi people!

Beach Season 

 My class and I have been to the beach to do a Scavenger Hunt. It was so fun! I met Daniella (20 years old girl; in my class; from Mexico; who doesn't look like 20) and Ihisha (17 years old girl; also in my class; from Trukey; who speaks french). There is also a girl from Paris (17), but unfortunately, I can't remember her name. This girl is coming to Montreal from 4 years, and I'm probably going to show her our beautiful country. She's really excited about it.

This is MJ, my roommate

Luisa introduced me to some of her friends and I met someone really interesting: Joséphine from Paris. She's here for 3 other weeks. She loves photography, studies in cinema and... LOVE Montreal and people from Quebec. Especially our accent. She's really nice and she was glad that she can finally speak about cinema, photography, etc, with someone. Even though we both speak french, the conversation we had was entirely in english. I hope to see her again!

First Exam

I had my first exam yesterday. Today, we correct it: 72/80! :) 
Mary Potter

Harry Potter

This evening, wondering what should I do, I decided to go see (alone) the last Harry Potter movie. No surprise: I cried. And what was fun about HP in 3D is that they give you 3D glasses shaped like the glasses of HP. Haha. 

Downtown San Diego

Lydia and I went to pick up Luisa and her friends this evening at 11:30. We rode and talk about night-life, alcohol and partying etc etc etc. When we arrived downtown, we were looking for Luisa, but we were also looking at the drunk people. At one moment, Lydia saw a boy and a girl hugging and she said: "Get a room". 
Lydia is a lot of fun! We laughed at the "party people". 

See you soon!


MJ, the enchanting spell.

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