Foggy SF

Golden Gate Bridge (and my new blouse from Abercrombie)
Hi folks!

I'm in San Francisco, and I have a lot to tell you! I know that you have a lot of questions to tell me, so, I decided to arranged this post like a questionnaire. 

0. The first thing to tell: I LOVE SF. 
1. Why? The buildings' architecture is amazing! It's really beautiful! Also, the view is amazing.
2. Is it always sunny? NO, that's why it's COLD in here! Always wearing my jeans.
3. Who are the San Franciscan? A lot of them are homeless. I never seen so much homeless people in my life! They are everywhere! 
4. How was the ride? The ride was ok. 11 hours is a loooooooooooooooong time, but thanks to the rides to Pompano Beach, I was patient. 
5. Did you met someone? I met 3 grils: two french girls (19, 20) and a russian girl (24). They are very kind. I hang out with them and we get along very well even though the french girls don't know what a "sacre" means.
6. Do you have a guide? Yes, his name is Paul (29). Very energetic. 
7. How was your first day? Friday, we arrived at 8 PM in SF. It was foggy and COLD. We had free time, so we tried to find a good place to eat. We finally end up in a pub called Murphy's. Seriously, I could've order any type of alcohol and they wouldn't even care. But I didn't, because I hate alcohol. Uuuugh!

Crookedest Street

8. How was your second day? First of all, it was (again) very cold outside. Ate a croissant for breakfest. We went to see the Crookedest Street in America. It was really impressive, and beautiful with the flowers and the trees. After, we went to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge. My knee started to be painful after walking ½ of the bridge. After, we went to see the Twin Peaks, to then, after, make a stop at Fisherman's Wharf. Very crowded and a lot of shops. I ate a fish & chips (miam). We went into a lot of shops, and I bought something for my I LOVE t-shirt collection. The bus was supposed to pick us up at 4 PM to get back to the hotel. After 10 minutes past 4. I said goodbye to my friends and walk a little bit through the chinatown to make my way to Powell St, the shopping area. I bought a pair of black flats (check!) at my favorite store: Urban Outfitters. There was also t-shirts with Michael Jackson on it and I thought about my father (love you). After, I went to Forever 21, Aldo, Abercrombie and American Eagle. After all this walk, I did a little research on internet before coming to SF and I found a street with a lot of restaurant. I found a french restaurant called Café Bastille (to be connect in some way to Androu) and I enjoyed a hachis parmentier and for dessert, MACARON DU SUD!! <3 Miam miam miaaaaaam! It was 5 delicious macarons (and not just 1 big macarons "hamburger"). After my date with myself, I went back to the hotel because I was tired. It was 8 PM when I went back to my room. I took a shower, opened my laptop and watched The Odd Couple. After 10 PM, I started to not feel so good. I was feeling sick. It was the first time since I'm in California that I wanted someone from Montreal to be with me: my mom. I thought I was going to throw up. It was awful. I finally decided to go to sleep.
Transamerica Building (saw it by accident!)
9. What about today? I started to pack my things, because we leave at 1 PM. 
10. How's the hotel? A little hotel... just beside a... certain... kind of... cinema... for adult. Youpi. 
11. How's the other people with your group? A lot of unpleasant italian.

In brief, I enjoyed my trip and before going back to SD, we make a stop in Santa Barbara (oh yes). 

I love you very very very much! 


MJ, the architect.

2 commentaires:

  1. Yay pour SF mais boo pour le sickness. :) :(
    Je m'ennuie de toi mon chou et je suis contente que tu aies pu goûter à un hachis parmentier... moi je n'y ai toujours pas goûté.

  2. Trop belles photos !!
    Awnnn miss San Franciso :(
    & Santa Cruz <3
    & YOU !!!!