Hi mi amors!

Today, my family asked me to skip class to go to the beach. I told myself that I can only skip school 2 times: this time, and when we leave to go pick up Vinnie (the oldest) to his cinema camp on friday the 5th. We also go to Disneyland this week-end (!!!). 

The Sun Never liked me...

We went to the beach: it was sunny and hot outside. I put my sunscreen, because we don't want to develop skin cancer! You have to believe me: I never put so many times sunscreen. After 1:30, it was sunscreen time. 
But, of course, the sun tricked me and NOW, I have sunburns. I am MAD at him. Stupid sun. But what's weird out my sunburns, it's that they are... kind of... I don't know how to explain them! Let say that I will be shy to show my legs tomorrow...

So, my first sunburns of the summer! Very fun. They just can't live without me, can they?  
So, beside of that, I watch TV today. A LOT of TV. I'm in heaven! I watched 3 episodes of Scrubs, Wipe Out, Two and ½ Man, Super Nanny, a little bit of Step Brothers, etc etc etc. Anthony talked to me about The Office and said it was really good. I know the show, but I never really attend to watch it. I guess I'm going to watch it after all! 

Good night my moons from east! 


MJ the mysterious sunburn who came from nowhere.

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