Hey chicos & chicas,

Yesterday, with Danny and Joey, I watch (again) 2 movies: The Mask and The Hot Chick. I've already seen both of them, but it was fun watching them again. 


Danny and Joey didn't believe me that Jim Carrey is canadian. It took them a long time to finally realize, after the 200000 web pages on Jim, that the Almighty Dumb is, in fact, canadian. I don't know if they were joking about not knowing. I think they were just jealous about the fact that a canadian can be that successful. In their faces! Haha.

T.T. (for "The Title")

This evening, my family, Luisa and I watched (again and again AND again) the movie Dodgeball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. If you wanna laugh, rent it. It's hilarious (Mom, don't watch it)! Good gags.


Lydia told me that if Vinnie was home, we could've watch the new Harry Potter before ANYONE ELSE tonight, before the premiere, because Vinnie works at the movie theater. Sh*t. F... WHY ME? Aaaah, that's not the end of the world. YES IT IS! No, it's not, OK?! YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Who cares?! I CARE! Go see it tomorrow then! Oh, yes, great idea... never thought of that... 


15 of July = NO CLASS! Why: my class is going to the beach! Oh yes! 
Now, tomorrow is very important, because:
1. I gotta make some friends.
2. I'm wearing my new bikini. Yes, my PINK ONE WHO FLASHES. Let see if Californian can handle my gymnast body. 

Write to you tomorrow to tell you all about sand and sea! 


MJ the pink unicorn who plays dodgeball.

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