8 in the morning

Hey... you.

8 AM, I was with Lydia and Luisa in the car, heading to Alliant University (EF School). I didn't want to stay at school for 4 hours, so Lydia drop me off at a Starbucks Coffee, where WiFi is available. I'm glad I'm here with my Strawberry Smoothie and my Upper Intermediate English Book to study. Yes, in EF, we have to study. I have an exam this Thursday and I have to study the Infinitive + British english VS American english + vocabulary. What's funny, is that the test is multiple answers. Back to Regina! I hope it will be easy. 

So... Yes, I studied for an hour. It's 9:36 and I'm done. Wouhouh. 

Goodbye :)


MJ the delicious smoothie.

1 commentaire:

  1. Yum pour le smoothie :)
    Moche pour le study :(
    Mais bon, c'est deux pour un.
    A tantôt