First Day Of School

Hello my little sunshines from heaven!

School part

Today was my VERY first day of school.
I had 3 classes: Grammar III and double GeUpper Intermediate.
Grammar III: we are doing the "will" "is going to", and their contraction. So, now, try to say "Bob'll". Sounds like bubble. My partner and I laugh so hard at this. 
GeUpper Intermediate: This class is so FUN! My teach, Donri Roberson, aka Mister D, is really cool! When he came to pronounce my name, he said: "Ok... so... um... Mary-Jowellhfejkfnlkdsf".  
- Hum, MJ.
- What? Just MJ?
- Well, yes. MJ is simpler. You can't even pronounce it so...
- Oh, sorry mademoiselle from Quebec! Marie-Joëlle. I stayed in Quebec for 8 years. Je sais un peu de français. I used to play football there. Câlice, Tabarnack, esti."
He's so funny. When he asked me questions about myself, he was like: "If you had 1 000 000$, what would you do with it?" or "Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want one? Why?"

So, to resume, I think I'm going to like my 6 weeks here. :)
The staff at school is really nice and helpful.

Family part

We went to see Joey's (the youngest) baseball game. It reminded me Gabe's hockey games. It was fun to watch. Joey's really good! They won the game, and if they win the next 2 games, they're going to the championship! Danny (the one in the middle) said that Joey's team will never gonna make it to the championship. So, Lydia (mother) said that if Poway Baseball team win the next 2 matches, Danny has to kiss Joey's toes after the second game. 
They're so funny. (:

Tomorrow, I only have 1 class of 1:30. Yessir.


MJ the new baseball fan

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